Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Time


I've made plenty of attempts at writing blogs before, so I'm not quite sure what's going to make this one work any more than those other ones. It's definitely not the addition of a kitten chewing on my fingers as I type. Clearly convinced they are imminent threats to his life. Nor the addition of an actual work schedule, the last one I started while I was unemployed. Or the fact that I'm going back to school soon. Woo, classes! It's definitely not the fact that I'm not a good writer, but something has me convinced I can stick with it. Maybe it's all of the above that make me really want to try at it. Now that I actually have stuff to write about. Being home alone, while riveting for a few days, ends up being unbearably boring. Maybe I'll end up making this my catch all of out-pourings. Or a way to remember the days as they pass by. We'll see.

*Photo by me, of me. Hi!

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