Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update Mode: Activated

School has started and I always manage to get pretty behind with the rest of my life for a few weeks months. But, in the mean time here's a quick little update about life in general.

I got back from France and moved into a new house. Not a new new house, but a new-to-me house. I spent almost the entirety of August making my bed frame out of pallets. And by making I mean I sanded them to near concrete-like smoothness, then stained only the visible parts and sealed them. Despite the fact that I know next to nothing about woodworking or power tools, it actually turned out decently.

Here's a pretty horrible picture of my messy room, in which you can see a tiny bit of what I accomplished.

I also got a new kitten. His name is The Beast and he's the best.

I have two photo series I'm sporadically working on. One about the sun and clouds....

And another about haze.

It's not very clear where exactly I'm going with either of them, but I love working on them.

In more conventional news, I've been applying to internships. It has been a far more exciting and satisfying endeavor than I originally imagined. It makes me far less intimidated by the fact that I'm graduating this spring.

Along with a slew of freelance work, the recent onslaught of homework and a few visits from the Boyfriend I've been kind of swamped. But in the good way.

See you soon.

- - -

*All photos by me.