Monday, April 21, 2014

Status: What Day Is It?


I'm not quite sure what happened, but weeks have passed without my notice.
I guess school and work and life tend to make that happen.
I just didn't expect it to go so quickly.

I've been schooling pretty intensely.
In the home stretch.
Final projects are well under way.
I'm excited to be less busy with school and more busy with life.

Additionally I'm job hunting, which I should have started months ago, but just couldn't bring myself to do it.

The boy takes up a lot of time too, but that's a good thing.

Somewhere in there I got sick and never really got over it.

None of this is to say that I haven't managed to have some downtime, because I've definitely made room for Diablo and weekend plans. It has simply come at the cost of sleep.

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