Thursday, November 6, 2014

Fall Back

It's dark and rainy.
I may be sick. 
The wind has turned the rain into wet lashes that hit your face and then travel the length of your neck spreading the chill like a disease. 
I may never leave the house again. 
That will be good for me. 
I have projects and plans that require focus. 

Normally, I hate the end of daylight savings. 
I start longing for those meandering 10pm sunsets before I've even had the chance to appreciate the fact that I got an extra hour of sleep. 
In my desire to avoid ever dropping below a median temperature of 75 degrees I forego leaving the house as much as possible. I will spend days in a bath full of warm water if I have to. 
I don't fuck around. 
But not this winter. This winter I will create and learn and drink more tea than one body would ever need. This fall back is going to move me forward. 

- -- - -- - -- -
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