Monday, October 15, 2012

Status: A Terrible Occurrence of Wind

It's done! Finally.
It took nearly 30 hours in the span of 5 days, but it's finally finished.
And then the wind tore it apart in three days.

I now have an intensely love/hate relationship with installation art.
It's so exciting and exhausting to make a huge piece of art. So it's really sad to see it come down.
I'd still like to try it in a more public space, but I'll need to experiment with better materials.
Probably something sturdier than tin foil and string...
Lessons learned.

Other than that it's registration for spring semester and study abroad plans being hatched.
All of which I'm really excited about.

I've also been pretty garbage at bringing my camera with me as often as I should.
So I've been attempting to fix that, but I suck at that stuff. Woo!

Have a good week.

*Pictures and art by me.

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