Monday, October 1, 2012

Status: Motionless

My car is in the shop. It needs it, bad.
The poor thing was probably about to explode.
I am admittedly the worst person in the world at taking care of a car.
I have no earthly idea when the oil was last changed, despite the fact that I did it my damn self.
Did I, maybe, write down that pertinent information for the future? Nope, certainly I will remember!
And that's the least of it's problems.
But hopefully the problems are nothing too detrimental, to the cars' functioning and my wallet.


In happier news, I'm starting my first installation piece. (That's the, rudimentary, sketch above.)
I'm really pumped about it.
This is only a school project, but if it's received well and doesn't kill me in the process I'd like to try and put one up in Baltimore. Baltimore is probably the perfect place for a larger version.
That's way far away though.
Until then, I'll try and remember to take pictures of the process.

*Photo of a sketch, both by me. 

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