Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Spring Break - New Orleans Edition


It is my final spring break. The last one ever. 
I would say it's bittersweet, but it's really not. 
School, even with its long breaks, is an experience I am ready to be finished with.
I'm anxious to pick a job and find out where I'll end up. And then just work. 

But for now I'm in school and I'm on break so I flew down to New Orleans. 
Partially to visit a friend and partially to get away from the winter. 
It managed to snow in Maryland on Sunday. 
It's going to be hard to go back. 


So far it's been an...exciting trip. I managed to lose my wallet and jacket during the busy (read: drunken) St. Patrick's Day activities. I've since gotten them back, but it looked bad there for a while. 
Before that my friend and I ate beignets and poboys and walked through City Park on a drizzly overcast Sunday. In the span of two days I've experienced two very different sides of New Orleans. 
Which is how any good vacation should start. 
And as great as it is to hit the ground running, I'm striving for a more consistent end to this trip. 
Biking, eating, seeing things I've never seen before. Seems manageable. 

Let's go New Orleans. 

- -- - -- - -- -

* Sorry for the quality of these pictures. My cell phone was all I had on me.

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