Monday, September 17, 2012

Status: Sleepy

This weekend was pretty busy.
Which I would say is abnormal for me.
Though I never feel as if the weekend has been busy until afterwards.

I spent Saturday at the Renaissance festival. I find it difficult to go more than once a year.
But once is plenty of time to explore, enjoy all the people in costumes and cheesy
olde english renditions of modern speech.
Unfortunately, I completely neglect to take pictures of the actual people.

Sunday, I inadvertantly attended a dinner party with a couple of my teachers
from last year and some mutual friends.
I drank too much wine and had entirely too much fun; filling the time
with conversations about Canada and flying.
This weekend conspired against me.

- -- - -- - -- -

As a little sidenote, I noticed a theme with my pictures from this weekend.

* All pictures by me. Taken in various locations.

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